The Brief

UX/UI Design

Hit the High Bar provides law students with Bar Prep and Tutoring services that truly change the game for the writing portion of the Bar Exam. With an ever increasing success rate, Hit the High Bar wanted to take it to the next level and translate their tutoring methods into an application where they could serve countless students.


The team developed a complex application that allows students to prepare on their own time and either follow their own path or take the guided tour. The self-guided option allows the application to be an add-on to any other tutoring services the student may be utilizing. They can practice the subjects and topics they choose. The guided tour option provides the student with one lesson at a time which is selected based on their accuracy across all subjects. This allows students to focus on what they truly need and spend less time on the things they don’t.

Some key features of the application include:

  • Ability to markup and annotate essay questions right in the app
  • Review flashcards generated specifically for the essay prompt
  • Review documents and videos inside the Help Center
  • Review your progress and accuracy in each subject as well as an overall score across all activity

Along with the application, a microsite was created as a marketing tool to promote the new app and provide updates as new features are released.

Role: UI/UX Designer, Project Manager, Front-end Developer for microsite

Competencies: Research and Documentation, Wireframe/UX, UI, WordPress Development

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